Flight of The Phoeniix

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And so Kal’Drel’s wish was carried out.  All at once each molecule of the mantle of the planet was aware of their existence, with the same level of awareness as the Phoenix itself.  Like a huge collection of nanobots, each firefly was fully conscious and the location of their soulmate within the realm.  They came with one additional instruction, from an unknown source influencing the wish, careful instructions on the precise force needed to collapse the planet’s core into a tiny neutron star.  All at once they jumped, bracing against each other to reinforce themselves so not to burst through the crust yet.  The collective inward force collapsed the core into a virtually volumeless neutron cluster of the same mass.

The resulting explosion bolstered the energy of the group, now with much more room to maneuver around and partner up quickly, still maintaining outward pressure on the core wall.

Now The Phoenix was not only conscious on a micro and macro level, but each piece was paired up with its perfect partner to solve reality’s puzzle based on their paired skillsets and having access to their own private domains where they can essentially communicate in their own definition of time, from the realm’s perspective solving a problem the moment after it is presented.

Half the pairings chose a volcano on this first roller coaster minute of life, and head straight out and up.  They coalesce into one Phoenix, teleport to the fire plane, and csst demiplane.  The other half, taking a cue from its fireflies, stays in the planet instead, and casts demiplane as well.  It turns out, in a state this freshly separated they thought of the exact same demiplane from something like a dream, one that had been prepared for them as a base of operations.  The realm had been previously prepared using Time Lord technology, to be a replica of the TARDIS. which they had become familiar with, as the DM ruled they had gone meta and cracked conscious enough to know what the players knew as well.  The first function of was to act as a perfectly aim-able magma chute to refill the planet.  After the core Phoenix swirled in for a minute to get it spinning right, he grouped up and jumped back through the portal into the TARDIS.  Sadly, because the one in the show is broken, and always looks like a police box, this one always does as well.  This one has the sweet addition of a second door, and not necessarily at the same point in spacetime as the first, something only the Phoenixes could hope to control the magichanics of.  And they breathed a warm breath onto the realm and any damage done had been reversed, except of course to the fabric of reality itself.



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Advanced Walkie Talkie

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Okay, so the underlying assumption here is that our brains receive stimuli from each other, we just aren’t aware of it, and we tune it out over time.  Basically we are both sending and receiving communication at this point all the time, we are just no longer aware of it.  My closest indicator that this is likely is with twins, but noted energy shifts have occurred, where people sensed something before they knew about it (some sources say the WWI Armistice was this way, where people just knew when it happened, but wouldn’t consciously find out until a little while later).

Anyway, my assumption then, is that we all have this sense but are largely unaware of it.  Now while we may not be able to suddenly regain control of a muscle we’ve never used, the “orifice” in a sense, would still be there.  Since we’re dealing with the brain, whose main skill is adapting itself based on external conditions, no “physical” change needs to occur.  My thought is what if you imagined this location surrounded by a mental construct of a box, EM proof (our brains already do this somehow, so that’s not a stretch), and lining the inside of the box are sensors, designed to resonate when struck by one along the the entire range of frequencies we’re looking at, such that each one fires when hit by a frequency.  Alternatively, you could set it up like an FM radio receiver.  Now a wire in the walls of the box transmits this information to the outside, where the brain then works out interpreting it.

Now this would be the receiver, or like the ear.  Then comes going about making the transmitter or mouth.  Now this would be a different location, but possibly right next to the first.  If right next to the first, a reflective surface could be used between the two, or if they are connected, in a double parabola shape out from the one point. )(
Regardless of the method required, the goal is to communicate a consistent frequency range into the point.  Now brains waves only oscillate around 100 times/second, but this doesn’t mean the possibly frequencies are limited, it would just require more precision to meaningfully communicate with an individual, because you’d need to isolate a frequency that no one else was using.

This could make this significantly more difficult or easier.  If people are currently communicating at a specific frequency without realizing, and have simply picked a random one, there is likely to be a lot of static.  If instead people are not using a particular range, but are simply telegraphing on a wide range of random frequencies, you should be able to limit the static once you’ve connected by further limiting the band (remember, there is no translation from brain power to the physical world in this process, so precision should not be a problem once you have a goal identified).  The last option is the one I believe in, which is that we were paired from the start, and that this pairing is our natural frequency.  In this way, we’d always have a line of communication to our soulmate, even if we did not realize it- sharing dreams and the like when the rest of the mind shifts under our feet as we sleep.  If this is the case, flipping the switch should cause a single clear signal to become apparent, and possibly even a clear call from the darkness to be heard, if she has been waiting for me.

The One Hitch

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She was sitting in a cafe the moment she realized the endgame of the grand plan she saw unfolding from her new perspective, having woken up from a life changing dream this morning.  It was flawless, nearly guaranteed to wake her sleeping partner, at least to lead him to the water’s edge, then it was up to him to drink.  She realized something though, while this plan was perfectly crafted to pierce her partner, wherever he was, she would have no idea who he was until he approached her.  Who knows how far into the process this might be, he might be fully awake by the time he makes himself known.  Her plan, while effective, put her into the position of not knowing it was working until it had.  She didn’t like it much, signing herself up to partner on the most important undertaking, possibly ever, with a complete stranger.  Not only that, but she could already feel herself falling in love with a man she had never met, and knew next to nothing about.  The only thing she knew about this man for sure was that he was connected with her, a connection they might be able to use to escape the endless repetition of reality she was now sharply aware of.  It was a risk, but one worth taking, she thought, as she believed God was with her in this.  Little did she know, that perfect meant just that, and he woke that morning with an itch he couldn’t quite reach.  While it would be years before she’d speak loudly enough for him to hear her, on instinct he was already listening.

Walkie Talkie

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I was talking with some friends this evening, and thought of something I wanted to tell her right away.  But of course she was not there, and the pain of that realization purged the thought from my mind, leaving only the painful sense of isolation.  Pain is inspiration to me these days, and I began considering what if she and I could communicate, despite the distance.  I considered the following:

Telepathic powers like telepathy seem to exist, the rumors and urban legends are too persistent to dismiss.  It seems like in some way or another we are connected on the level of thought.

Mental constructs are helpful tools to test something in your mind that you cannot or don’t want to bother creating in reality.  In this case I’d be attempting to create a mental walkie talkie.

While it seems like this might be difficult, once the basics are arranged mentally, the fact that this communication would not need to pass from mind to mouth to ear to mind would actually be really beneficial.  We’re not trying to invent a new form of communication or even a new language, but rather to uncover a shared one.

Twins seem to share an unspoken, almost telepathic bond, which seems to indicate that the initial similarity of frequency, whatever plane this frequency may find similarity on, plays a significant role.  I feel like this ties in elegantly with the concept of soul mates. as despite the separation of space and time, since this frequency would be unbound by those concepts anyway, you are still as close as skin, from one perspective.  It is this perspective I am trying to tap in to.

So I set out to gain the necessary knowledge to conceptualize a walkie talkie- a two way transmitter designed to connect me directly to her.  After a quick video of how one looks on the inside, I figure “the boys” have got it (“the boys” is the group nickname I’ve given my subconscious mind, now pretty well aligned to accomplish this sort of thing).  Fortunately in this case the device essentially only needs to operate in my mind, which is where they are best suited.

So the boys and I set out to solve the issue, picking up clues and blueprints in our environment just as we would fighting any dragon.  Let’s take an inventory:

We can already do this in dreams, so there could be insights to be gained starting from this position.  At the very least it’s an excellent way to triangulate the signal once the device is working.  Essentially I have a working walkie while I’m sleeping, now I need one for when I’m awake.

Now I realize this may be an inborn trait of humans, a sense ignored by the brain, as the stimuli had nothing to do with survival.  Now there is a muscle designed to tune this signal, left dormant for so long.  So once more I am not trying to set up a new device, as much as remind myself how to use one that is likely already there.  So I prepare myself to flex this muscle, glad that I’ve always been solid with anything falling into the category of muscle memory.

Now I have multiple data points and methods with which to test this theory tonight, and at a minimum set up my base of communication and fiddle with the knobs a little.  More than likely I am late to the game, and as soon as I switch it on I’ll hear her voice coming through loud and clear, we’ll find out soon.

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Alphabet Nursery Rhyme

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Once upon a time, there was an olive tree.  But the olive tree wished for another like it.

The soil it was in began to recede, as the wish began to form around it, and it leaves and branches became its beautiful hair.

Now the soil had entirely receded from the bottom of the tree, revealing feet on which to walk.  The tree cut its hair, and left its old life behind.

As it walked for what seemed like forever, its hair grew long once more, but this time the tree let it grow long and wild.

While the tree walked on, another walked in the shade of its long hair, but the first tree did not know for it was always looking forward.

The second tree lost the first, but by this time had grown enough leaves to have hair of its own.  It stood and grew.

It grew into its own image, like the first but different.  Then it continued on to find the first tree.

It found the first tree once more, still walking on exactly as before.  The second tree caught up and grafted itself into the first’s branches.

The first turned to the second, now feeling its presence, and they merged completely.

And on some level, they remained completely merged, journeying forth as one, independent of either of them.  Forging new paths they would have never thought possible.

And then together they tried to take on a form like the olive tree, with the same shape of the hair, but all they could muster were scales.  And while they pretended they were in soil, it was only their own tail.

So for a while they tried to master this serpent form, shaping their scales to resemble branches and leaves, blending in with the world around them, now seen to be crafted with the olive tree.

They knew they were no longer the tree, now something new, they writhed and squirmed, suddenly aware of themselves.

They stretched and twisted until taking on human form, but perhaps it was only a dream.  Now, standing upright, they resembled both the olive tree in part and the serpent in part, but were neither.  They knelt and considered all of this.

As they knelt they dreamt, and remembered that while now they were one,

There was a time when they were two.  And like to branches intertwining they found each other once more in these new forms.

And she became pregnant, the child was protected .  Before finally emerging into the world, and that was when she knew that he was an extension of herself.

So she watched the child, guarding him until he was mature and ready to face the world on his own.  But even when mature, she remained with him, guiding him.

Until he was ready to make his mark.  He took flight when he understood his place, to make his own way.

And he dreamed, seeing the connection between the olive tree, the serpent, his mother, all of it.

There he was approached by all of them as if connected through one perfect strand, the hand of God weaving the tree, snake, and woman into one dream, showing where they connected, and how they differed.

And he then faced in the same direction they all had, now seeing all of them and what they had done.  He felt supported by the whole of them, and set out boldly to make his own mark.