Pallet Maze

I had an idea for a new kind of amusement park, or contest venue, or even a new kind of hedge maze for the extremely wealthy.  The concept is the you have a fleet of robotic forklifts and a field of pallets surrounding a huge empty space on three sides.  The empty space is your maze area, and a computer programs in the optimal pattern for each random maze generated, with numerous customization options available.  Participants then enter from the 4th side that was empty (ideally past a wall, although I imagine seeing the maze being built wouldn’t help much at all), into the new maze.  Typically one pallet would be left unstacked, and have a flag or treasure chest, etc depending on the use, or participants could be trying to exit to one side, in which case they’d just have to circle around the outside to the front of the maze in a final long corridor built by the forklifts after the main maze is complete.  The draw is that the layout is random each time, and it can adapt for the individual user’s patterns to scale the difficulty as well.


~ by songoflove on July 17, 2017.

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