I see you

I see that we all got signed up for a slow ride, long trip, and death. I see few bothering to look or prepare as we all make the short walk to a long fall.

Where some see lines I see the angles, growing infinitely smaller as they slowly turn.

Where some see nothing, I see the stitches of the tapestry of all things, full even when we see it as bare.

I see that the ropes we have in place to keep us secure and in line are one touch away from crumbling to dust.

I see others hopelessly struggling against the hurricane, as if standing here vs. there is going to make a difference in the end.

I see all of this and more, a constant barrage of ideas that weighs heavy on my soul. 

Then I see you and I smile. You sharpen my mind and unburden my heart all at once. Time flies but also freezes, as each moment seems to etch itself in a way that is unique to when I see you.

The rest of my day washes off like sand in the shower, but I have come to see you as indelible.


~ by songoflove on July 13, 2017.

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