Now: A story of the 5D Spaghetti Maker

I was reading this article on a new idea where quantum entanglement might be due to time travel, rather  than acting at a distance (faster than light) in the present.  (

For some reason my first reaction was “what if that was the same thing?”  I quickly realized that made no sense, but then I thought “what if we reframed the scenario so that it makes sense?”  Now this idea of reframing using more dimensions came from a study on the brain, and how it uses 3D space to create 11 dimensional patterns (  Reasonably, I thought, the logic of chaos becoming patterned in higher dimensions could apply here as well.

Now, in this model, each point in space-time is a stitch in a giant 4D tapestry (it’s easier to picture in 2D though), or as a molecule in a big blob of 4D pasta dough.  Now we’d need a squeezing device that would weave the tapestry as each point passes through, or a spaghetti maker, either of which would be in 5D (I just pictured a 3D one in each case).  This squeezing point would be now, or “the present” and due to the extra dimension of the spaghetti maker, it would be happening always and everywhere from our perspective.  I thought this might be an interesting way of reframing reality, hopefully which could then open doors into framing other related concepts.


~ by songoflove on July 8, 2017.

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