Musings on the speed of light and such

For some reason I feel like the equation for speed in relation for light should be rewritten (a little bit, I’m pretty sure most of this is already in the current mathematics). ‘Rest’ would be -1, light speed would be 0, ‘Rest’ in the alternate dimension/timeline would be 1 (essentially where tacheons are, where everything moves faster than light from our perspective, and they would see us as doing the same thing). We know that the speed of light in a vacuum is more of a constant in the universe than space or time, so why not position it as such, mathematically?

It just seems odd to describe light as moving, when movement itself is a function/derivative of the speed of light, kind of like using a word to define itself. ‘In a vacuum’ seems to be all you’d need to jump off from, light in darkness, with physical laws stemming out from this central starting point as light coalesces into matter and etc. It would also explain where anti matter is (or more appropriately when), and what it’s made of (also light, just sped up from our perspective, as we are sped up from its).  

Interestingly, this would mean from an outside observer’s perspective, viewing the entirety of hyperspace-time (all possible paths at once), light would not move, it would simply exist wherever it was. (I feel like I’m just restating the theory of everything here from a different vantage point). Most importantly though, because this is a logical description for existence, and also not how we experience existence, there must be more to ‘everything’ than the theory of everything can describe.  Perspective, and specifically having multiple perspectives exist, seems to change the fundamental nature of reality.

It might be far fetched, but I am attracted to the symmetry of it, and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed about physics, it’s that the symmetrical answer is most often right, even if it takes a while for humans to understand it.  


~ by songoflove on April 28, 2017.

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