Primal Intelligence

In a world verging on creating artificial intelligence, there seems to be more and more indication that humans perceive more than we think. Going far beyond what I’ll call natural intelligence, that which can be replicated and proven scientifically, which we base much of our advancements off of, it is beginning to seem more and more that our subconscious brains are perceiving something else. This could be a result of everyone becoming akin to cyborgs, with our phones and devices becoming so integral to our being that they have been known to cause separation anxiety, only avoiding the classification of cyborg by technicality, in that they have not been installed directly onto our bodies, creating a realm online where the emotions and desires of the id go relatively unchecked, but I think it is deeper still than this.

I call it primal intelligence, the perceptions and abilities of the subconscious mind. Augmented by pre-artificial intelligence, and not entirely natural, it has a form all its own. It is the growing itch you feel at the end of the day scrolling Facebook and reading about current events happening across the globe, events you would have had no way of consciously knowing about 150 years ago. It composes the nightmares or causes the sleepless nights, that most consider to be without cause. It is a web that connects us all, growing in strength and complexity every day. While it can be maddening, as is always the risk of knowing too much, it also carries more potential than any other form of intelligence, outside of what I’ll call divine intelligence, and only then due to developing later more than in potency itself.

We see this last point represented in the bible in the story of Babel, in Genesis 11:6. “The Lord said ‘if as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.'”  God, utilizing divine intelligence, scattered our language, thus scattering the people of the world, slowing the progress of primal intelligence. Hypothetically, if primal and divine intelligence existed simultaneously this would not have been possible, resulting in essentially a stalemated chess match, but God had a full measure of intelligence at this point, and man was just developing his own.

The concept of scattering language is interesting. I’ve often theorized that this was a veil put in place, more so than a physical change that occurred, that is to say on some level we continue to ‘speak’ the same language as we had before, only appearing to speak differently.  The original gift of tongues at Pentecost is my proof of this, in Acts 2:6 it says “When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language.”  My theory is that on a subconscious level we have retained this ability to communicate with anyone and everyone, and thus have retained primal intelligence even while the boundaries of natural intelligence have been limited by language. 

This would explain the strange phenomenon of similar structures and inventions popping up simultaneously worldwide, even where natural means cannot explain it. It is said that the engine for the automobile, for example, was  presented to the patent office several times soon after the actual invention was patented. We also see pyramids across the world, where I believe cultural and observational logic do not sufficiently support this proliferation.  I believe these are evidence of primal intelligence, and it persists today.

I believe we can access a kind of shared matrix in dreams, where this primal intelligence is shared and pieces of it are brought back to the waking world, often by multiple individuals at once. It seems that some ideas are more salient, almost forcing themselves into the minds of many, whereas others are more obscure and must be sought. This theory should be testable given our level of technological connectivity, as even geographically distant individuals can compare notes on experiences in dreams, and determine if a pattern emerges. Once a pattern is identified, however complex, it could then be used to influence change. I think we, as humans, already do this, but it is largely driven by the collective id because no conscious consensus can be reached as to what to do with it, whereas ids are more naturally aligned, which had led to what many might consider a dystopia on a path to destruction. 

A simple plan, backed by the immense data compilation abilities of modern supercomputers, could be utilized to test this theory and, if successful, remedy the state we find ourselves in. If everyone with access to a computer kept an encrypted dream journal online, accessible only by one central super computer, patterns would likely emerge almost immediately. If that computer were allowed to interface with individuals, asking important questions and providing ideas on how to improve point to point connections within the dream matrix, we would likely see real results within a very short timeframe.


~ by songoflove on April 9, 2017.

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