In Dreams

Wait a minute, what did you see?
It was a surreal night to say the least
I saw my life flash before my eyes
And a woman somehow tame the beast

I remember pouring rain
Standing alone with two dozen red roses
I remember you calling my name
But like from another world, I was frozen

Then all at once we were standing there
Hand in hand on the underwater path
The ocean teeming with life above
Felt so happy I couldn’t help but laugh

I wake alone and sadden at the thought
That I can’t just roll over and ask you about it all
A lazy day spent lying and conspiring in bed
If I had your number here you could bet I’d call

We’d master the dream landscape
And travel through countless an unknown world
Play out past present and future
You’d always be my girl

We’d practice things like flying
And metallic skin
Partners canoeing down the river
So hard to tell where I stop and you begin

But I wake alone and start to get angry
This waking world has sold me a pack of lies
The madness boiling over into words
Focused now to see my partner’s open eyes

Even in dreams I’ve found you’ll get nowhere just standing
So I begin to walk instead
Gathering the troops for a mission demanding
A mission so real, yet all in our heads

Set sail men, this ship isn’t sinking
It’s only a storm, in fact one of our making
And now the waves that buffeted us so
Will be just the float we need, an ocean of stars ours for the taking

We sail the skies of dreams now
In a ship all at once repaired
And in these skies we will be remebered
For we were the ones who dared

My princess is in this castle
I’ve seen her with my own two eyes
And with her we’ll find each of yours my friends
Amidst the stormy skies


~ by songoflove on March 30, 2017.

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