NDE- The Stars Rewritten

In this near death experience I recall everything fading to black.  I feel like it did this for an eternity, like time itself had lost its meaning to everything but me.  Suddenly, the next moment occurred with a bang, the Big Bang to be specific.  From a reference point that was impossible to describe, outside of everything, but somehow right in the middle of it all, I saw everything in the universe explode outward, and then a sea of stars form all around me, like it must feel looking out into the night sky from space.  Then earth and everything in it reformed as well, and I was right back where I had started, overwhelmed with a sense of awe, at the gift I had received.  From my perspective there was no mistaking it, the stars had been rewritten for me, time had been turned back, to allow me another chance.  For the world it was as if nothing happened, but in this subjective reality we call life, I simply knew that this was not the case.  I remember that awestruck feeling stuck with me for days or perhaps weeks, but my demons eventually pulled me back to “reality.”  I remember thinking of God’s promise, that we are unique and special, and that this life is just a short blip on a huge timeline that awaits us.  It’s nice to remember that, and to have had firsthand experience as to the lengths God will go to fulfill and remind us of that promise, despite the troubled paths I walked to get there.


~ by songoflove on March 28, 2017.

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