NDE- the Council of Nine

So I’ve had a few near death experience.  I’m not proud of any of them, as they were all inadvertently self-induced and drug related, but they have lingered with me and in many ways shaped who I’ve become.  This is a story of the most memorable one:

I felt myself die.  This was unique in the bunch, because in the rest I did not feel or realize it until it was over.  I was no longer in my bed, but instead I was floating down a river, flat on my back, looking up at a dark narrow tunnel that soon opened up into a dimly lit cavern.  It was cold, but not unpleasantly so.  I sensed the presence of others there, a mix of male and female.  At the time I did not register exactly how many, but when later asked by a friend I somehow knew it was nine (My friend then looked it up and referenced this Wikipedia article which I found haunting, as I had always been into Greek mythology, but was unfamiliar with this particular story https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Council_of_Nine).  I asked what happened, and one of them informed me that I had died.  They said that in this realm I had complete control, able to change anything I’d like, but unable to go back.  This struck me as a paradox.  I said “I have to go back, I finally found her” referring to my soul mate, who I had recently identified.  Another one said “Unfortunately you can’t.”  But I could already feel the power they were referencing coursing through me.  I said “Well, if I can do anything…” I could feel a tether, a thin white cord still connecting me to the waking world.  I strengthened that cord, and just as I was pulling myself back into my body I heard one of them protest (and I thought I sensed a couple of them smiling) but it was too late.  I was suddenly awake, unable to move for several minutes, my entire body had gone numb.  Half of my body (I think it was my left side, but it has been too long to be sure) actually remained numb for several days, with a pins and needles feeling remaining for quite some time after, and my brain seemed to take some time to get back up to full speed as well.  I remember feeling like I might have had a stroke, but if I did I had recovered exceptionally quickly and without any direct long term effects (fortunately).  I remember feeling as though I had cheated death (and it wasn’t the first time), but in a sense had also abandoned my council.  I figured they understood, even if they didn’t agree with my methods or decision, I had more left to do.  It’s funny how a near death experience can catapult you back into life.  It’s also funny how that feeling fades over time.  You don’t know what you have until you might lose it, a deep truth to life buried under the guise of cliche.


~ by songoflove on March 28, 2017.

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