Powers of Two and Three

I’ve been noticing numbers more recently, attempting to discern possible meaning or patterns that go beyond the mundane.  I’ve been looking how they relate to each other within a scenario, who generated the numbers and if there is any deeper significance to be found in context.  I’ve noticed that powers of two seem particularly notable- specifically 4 and 8, but I was recently reading a book that got me thinking about how computers use larger ones for processing- 256, 512, 1024, 2048 etc.

I have a couple of thoughts on systems like these: With any power of two, especially smaller ones, it is possible to stalemate easily, like in cases of “voting” or a battle of willpower.  Additionally, if observing a system like this, the smaller the number, the more obvious each move would be to pair up the components within, eventually leading to a system that is “complete” or “solved” or “paired-up” entirely, without any further observer interaction necessary.

This relates back to solipsism, for looking at one complete, static system is not much different than being completely alone, whereas a system in motion has the potential, while its processing, of being something more.

Basically looking at any number along this 2^x “spine” of numbers carries the “threat” of causing a domino effect into a mass pairing within the system, collapsing it into a stable state.

Perhaps such an endpoint is inevitable, but I hope not, for it leaves whoever is there to observe it out in the cold.  3 seems a good number to counter this issue actually.  It is also the smallest possible candidate, prime, and 3^x never intersects with 2^x.  Perhaps this, numerically, is the dual nature of humanity (and/or the concept of soulmates) counterpointed by the three-fold nature of God seen in the trinity.  I have no proof of this of course, but my instincts suggest it, as I see an elegance to the pairing.


~ by songoflove on March 23, 2017.

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