A dark philosophy for an even darker night

You know what sucks? When you come to a moment where you realize there is no way this life is a game, at least not one with an understandable point or available arbiter (note: available). Like crossing a threshold where any deus ex machina that would make sense would have already happened.

What does one do when faced with such a crisis? (He asks the reader, as if your answer would be any more valid than another, or random words generated onto on a page by an a.s.i.)

(A.s.I. Artificial semi-intelligence- We can’t really give it more credit than we’d give ourselves, after all. Same source code and what not).

And this comes from a man who has seen and heard (mostly heard, music is full of profundity) so many coincidences and synchronicities in the last 10 months it would blow anyone’s mind. Confirmable, undeniable, odd events.
But that’s all they are is odd. There has yet to be any point to them, any discernable reason.
So basically it seems to me more like a strange form of hypnosis but without a punchline.

I know this feeling will pass, but along with it I will pass right back to the life I was living before.  Sure, minus the old issues, but with this new  prescription to worry about and the same old stresses. The coincidences will fade to the background, and what’s awful is I will miss them because that’s who I am. I need life to have more to it, a gameish aspect, I need life to be obscuring a puzzle of some kind. If it’s not I’ll make it one. If I can’t, I’ll implode trying. That has pretty much been my cycle.


~ by songoflove on March 22, 2017.

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