Diamond Soul

Hey look what I found, a diamond shard! Hard as anything, and wicked sharp.  I held onto it for a while, but eventually pressed, I hammered that thing square into the crystal canvas of this reality. 

 That’s right, much like Martin Luther, declaring my mark with each strike.  No parchment needed, the diamond shard is the message; the message is simple and becomes more and more clear as the cracks grow and spider webs out from the entry point.

I will not fit politely into your crystal gardens. If you try to force me into a role again, to cage this beast, I will sooner find myself a diamond shard amidst the dust of the once crystalline ruins you call reality, than bow to your twisted will. 

Words are my weapons, the mind is my battlefield.  Here I am diamond, here every flaw in your logic comes to light, and the walls you thought would protect you have proven to be as hollow and brittle as the ones who created them.  

Normally I exercise more chivalry and restraint, but when you strike a vein such as this, I’ll shatter you without a second thought.  Consider this shard, with its tail still sticking out of this iteration of reality one breath from shattering, a warning.  When the truth of these remarks finally sink in for you, don’t panic. I’ll say what I’ve come to know, this life is a lesson in soulmates.  A unique touch is required with me, but a happy ending is still possible, and with great effort comes commensurately great reward. I breath free, I always have, but if you’ve solved this, you’ll know where and how to find me.


~ by songoflove on March 9, 2017.

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