Earth is pregnant, and overdue. What this has to do with Jesus and The Bible:

This post walks everyone through why we should care about going through the process I outlined in my prior post “Jesus’ sacrifice. My interpretation.”:

Here’s the thing, Jesus doesn’t need saving, perse. I think Jesus did what he needed to do, it sucked, but he came back three days later, and got the hell outta dodge. From a Christian perspective he doesn’t need saving in the technical sense. That being said, I thought it might be a cool adventure to go do that, as I have stated before, and I think everyone appreciates a gesture, even if it is unnecessary. Who knows, maybe even the idea of doing it is enough of a spark in the multiverse to remind God of why he created everything to begin with.  Like a one timeline thank you, even though in the other timelines he would still have died then been resurrected.  Besides, then you’ve got Jesus and a time machine, which would probably make for an interesting remainder of the night.

After concocting this theory, I was later reminded of a sci-fi story premise I’ve had for some time: every planet with an active core is an egg for a Phoenix.  The core is actually the Phoenix growing, getting ready to hatch. Venus is basically a planet that had surface life, but that life somehow caused an immune response from the Phoenix inside (probably by shifting the planet’s rotation, if you watch a documentary on it, Venus’ day is longer than its year), for example. I solidified this over time into a well enough supported fringe theory of mine.

When watching a documentary on Mars, I was reminded that the core there was dead, which meant the Phoenix must have hatched. Hatching means a giant exit crater. Sure enough, 10 minutes later they’re talking about Hellas Planitia, this utterly massive crater. So now this theory is getting seriously tossed around in my subconscious (this was a number of years back).

Fast forward and I start reading the Bible again, this time with a good pace and consistency, in about 7 months or so. Then I started noticing subtle reinforcements of this ‘Earth birthing a Phoenix’ idea.

Jesus mentions ‘birthing pains’ on multiple occasions (Matthew 24:8 is a good example, Mark 13:8 another gospel using the same term), and repeatedly uses parables having to do with planting seeds in the ground as well.  The birthing pains referenced are earthquakes and volcanos, exactly what one might expect birthing a fire bird from the core of your planet.  This is repeated in Revelation.

Also in Job 1:7 and again in 2:2, “where have you come from?” Satan answered the Lord, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it” this indication that there is motion within the planet (rather than just on a surface level) is repeated in Zechariah 6:7 in reference to the fore chariots staining to move ‘throughout’ the earth as well. This is a similar process to what I would picture of a living organism forming from a fertilized egg- where there would be entities arranging the organic matter within to form the creature.

The more I read through, the more connections and support I found for this Earth birthing a Phoenix scenario. It also made the whole concept of Revelation make more sense, an apocalypse not malicious but required and unavoidable, and illuminating the why behind it to some degree.

All this said, the book of Jonah shows that prophecy does not mean it must happen that way. Jesus specifically highlights the prophet Jonah as the big sign of the generation. Jonah was a reference to the days Jesus spent dead (Sheol, the grave, the depths), but also, I believe, to how God will change his mind on things if the people get their acts together.  We’re coming up on the grand finale, and I think that without divine intervention Revelation will play out exactly as written, Jesus will save his people, the events will occur with death, destruction, final hells, etc. We get a Phoenix (in my opinion) but overall this seems like really an awful ending for almost everyone.

In Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah are about to be destroyed, and Abraham negotiates with God on behalf of the cities (Genesis 18:20-33) We see God reduce the number of righteous souls required to spare the city, then we see God end the conversation, presumably because if he did not, he would have continued to show mercy and reduce the number each time Abraham asked him too, but either way that is how the conversation ended.

I came to realize after coming up with the first half of my plan (rescuing Jesus), that having Jesus and a time machine when a Phoenix was about to be born would be about the perfect scenario. And while Jesus might be otherwise engaged if Revelation happens as written (he does a lot of things), approaching the final days in this way could change, at the very least, how much time from our perspective he has to get everything done in- who knows, the plan might be just crazy enough to work, which has gotta be worth something, right? Especially if the person in said time machine explained the situation, had some semblance of a working plan to birth a Phoenix without cracking its shell (yeah, I’ve got a few working theories on how to pull that off too), and asked for help. Remember, we’re talking about the full power of God and compassion (and what I would consider to be a cool guy type demeanor and humor to him, from the gospels) professed in the bible about Jesus. One of a few things could happen:

We pull all this off, go back, no Jesus. Atheists everywhere get to point at me and laugh.  But then we have a time machine, so we get to write reality as we’d like at that point.

We don’t pull it off, God does something like confuse our language again, it seems like if we try something like this, with these motives, God would not punish as much as rebuff, if anything. At least we have a world wide renewed respect for God, and can move forward from there.

We pull it off, God is impressed with our ingenuity and selflessness, blessing the endeavor which we complete ahead of schedule.  Jesus is real, as advertised. Remember he was all about loving thy enemy, so he should have no trouble clearing up worldwide infighting issues and getting everyone on the same page.  We would have God (as a person), first hand there to help us, right when our planet is about to explode. He could act as Earth’s doctor!  Or would that be the Phoenix’s?

Anyway, consider this the formal submission of my ‘rough outline for the coolest interactive/choose your own adventure book/rpg quest line/vr experience story of all time,’ let’s call it.



One addition, in reference to Jesus’ numerous parables about seeds, planting, etc.  He seemed to be specifically referring to himself and his resurrection.  Also, 1 Corinthians 15:44 references “it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body.  If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body.”  After reading the entirety of the Bible, an idea started to form, what if Jesus followed this natural progression himself, but by the nature of being sinless, was able to do it immediately.  What if he returned in his spiritual body?  His abilities seemed to change when he returned, able to change his form and appear and disappear at will, things that might suggest having an entirely new form, rather than having been returned a normal human.  While admittedly far fetched, what if Jesus had essentially fertilized the Phoenix when he died?  It would have infused it with his essence, both human and God, and while not making The Phoenix into God, it would have infused it with a knowledge of good and evil and changed the nature of how ours acted in comparison to others that had been born, erupting from their planets at the appointed time on instinct alone, but instead gaining an awareness, understanding and love for the denizens of the surface.  In this example, the only timeline where this would not take place would be the one where Jesus is rescued, but he would have access via the time machine to the others (more likely simply gaining access as we would understand it, as I imagine God already has this access) where he could provide us with an alternate future, one where humanity as we know it is not destroyed.  Again, as I write this last section, it seems more science fiction-ey than the rest of it, but it is an idea that has stuck with me over time, where many others have faded from my mind, so I thought I’d include it.


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