Please Pardon My Tired Appearance

“Please pardon my tired appearance, I have not been getting much sleep.”  While I’ve lived with ‘roommates,’ it has never been someone who was actually in my own room (I skipped the college dorm phase).  Also, on multiple occasions I’ve opted to live alone, preferring at times the solitude and quiet.  I don’t do well with visual or auditory interruptions to my sleep, and for the two weeks in varying psychiatric facilities, my experience has been filled with constant interruption.  For those unaware, CBI (the first of two legs in my journey) has two setups- the first side everyone is sleeping in one room in large recliners, up to about 30-40 people at a time depending on how busy it is.  The second area has rooms that sleep 4-5 to a room.  I’ve been through this system twice, and the first time I spent 6 days on the side with armchairs.  Those sleeping conditions on their own can cause symptoms consistent with mental illness, but the first time I was released after the initial 6 days; this time I was moved to Desert Vista.

At Desert Vista, there are 2-3 to a room, and the staff make rounds every 30-60 minutes or so.  For someone who sleeps as lightly as myself, that meant I was waking up with about that same frequency during my ~10 days there.  This part of the experience actually reminded me of a sleep experiment I had once heard of where the experimenters would measure the participants brain waves, and would wake them up as soon as they entered REM sleep.  They would just continue to do this for a while to see what changes that would have on sleep patterns.  Generally it would cause the person to become disoriented and irritable.  They would usually fall asleep faster than you would otherwise expect, and they typically entered REM sleep quicker upon falling asleep.  I wonder what impact there might have been to this experiment if psychoactive drugs were being prescribed during the experiment.  I checked, and the Desert Vista facility didn’t look into sleep disorders in addition to psychiatric (and the staff I asked weren’t familiar with one that did both).  It might be interesting to look at these two areas in tandem however, as there did seem to be multiple patients who, like myself, could have really benefited from a good night’s sleep, and who looked like they were sleep walking half the time.


~ by songoflove on March 6, 2017.

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