Leading questions and setting the stage for someone to question their sanity

“What time is it right now?  What day of the week or month?”  When asked these questions, most minds move to the familiar: cell phone, wristwatch, wall and desk calendars, etc.  Well, what if that has all been taken away?  In addition, you were given mind altering drugs, and your sanity had been questioned in many ways by multiple doctors?  Also, the drugs influence your dopamine receptors, so either because of the drugs or the lack of sleep (See: Please Pardon My Tired Appearance), names and faces are harder to hold on to, and you were introduced to 20+ other people, all of whom you were told were ‘also crazy.’  This could make your new situation seem alienating and nightmarish, almost truly like a dream.  Additionally, due to understandable business constraints, the medical staff shifts twice per day creating an additional pool of 30 or so hospital staff, with varying roles so it becomes generally difficult to remember if you’ve met someone, or what their specific role is.  In this case, each ‘we’ve met before’ is another brick in the wall, making you feel like you’re sealing your diagnosis as some form of insane , and moving you one step closer to 1 year of court ordered pills.  Each temporary break in coping with life’s stresses can move you toward this mark of the diagnosis and stigma that come along with being diagnosed with a mental illness.


~ by songoflove on March 6, 2017.

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