Complexity- binary and carrys.

At one point, a friend told me that for any combination of 2 binary factors there were 4 possible outcomes.  Now I theorize that of these 4 outcomes two would be similar, two would be different (seen from any perspective, this would remain true).

Layering in the concept of carrys (basically carrys start weaker than average, but if ‘fed’ can become much stronger than average) what if 2 or 3 of the outcomes intentionally ‘fed’ the 4th outcome (again, the concept of ‘fed’ here varies with the individual perspective, but there should be a perspective for each where this would be a valid description).

While one of the four outcomes would be obviously fed (this would be the one fed primarily along the axis of surface matters), the others are equally as fed (they must be, based on a level of symmetry that must be maintained) but in ways that are not as obvious, or have yet to be revealed.

So, conceptually here (and keep in mind, I took a leap to get from A to B), you are effectively playing chicken with the concept of ‘anything you can do I can do better’ but each one of you is playing a very different version of the same game. Could there ever be a true multiplayer version of this game? Where all 4 outcomes from the binary system are on equal enough footing for all 4 of them to play a fair game? 


~ by songoflove on March 2, 2017.

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