A song of “Friends”

I wrote this one in response to a warm welcome I received at a psych hospital.  It made me realize that expectations paint reality, far deeper than we give them credit.  To understand the rest, this is a great place to start- it sets the stage, provides context and illuminates my mindset, when preparing to dive into the rest of my writings on my experiences in Psychiatric Hospitals.

How to Play: Bard’s Tale
First, memorize these 2 rules
Everyone gets one.

Next.  Someone knows how.
They know the the lay of the land.
They (can/might/will) show you you how.

No one is alone
At least not here, not on mine
My watch is not done.

So, I start with “Friends”
A spell etched for the ages.
Etched in stone, my friends.

You can’t lose “The Game”
For there are watchers always.
Observe, and find Friends.

That is the Bard’s Song.
The Bard will show you the way,
And then you can play.

A riddle, a lark
A joke of a game, a rook
Crafted in Phoenix

(P.S. I know this one is one short.  ‘The Bard,’ a character I tend to play in games, tends to come under-prepared, but he’ll generally do more with less, and show the rest of the party that much of what we consider to be rules of this ‘game’ are more like guidelines or suggestions.  Knowing when, where, and how to bend these rules with grace, this is the dance of The Bard.)


~ by songoflove on February 24, 2017.

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