Sailor’s Knot-

The Captain had heard parley.  He stalled going below deck.  Those words must be heeded here and now, which is the only reason the unwanted passenger hadn’t been thrown overboard.  The tradition was supposed to only be known to pirate captains, but somewhere this shipless knave had learned not only the words, but the linguistic ability to make it past the opening volley of conversational traps, with such grace that none further were aloud.  The Captain could only plead with his eyes for a level of gentleness in the negotiations.  For you see, ‘parley’ on these waters meant engaging the other in a reality altering wish.  Not just for the two of you, but potentially for everyone, which is why they were avoided at all costs.  A word misspoken normally meant a full third of humanity was sheared from existence or a third of the world’s water turned to blood or something.  Sometimes these wishes could be defused before the cabin, but the Captain’s offer to wish for something mundane was met with a reversal, disallowing the captain to speak without expending his portion of the wish for a time.  Fortunately this mysterious stranger seemed to know what he was doing, and since tying the Captain’s tongue had since proceeded in gracious silence.

They reach the chairs and the stranger proceeded “I appreciate you having my prospective bride and I aboard.”  The Captain immediately sat forward- only a fool reveals such a key card this early in the negotiations, and up until now this man had not sent such an indicator, but he could not ignore the opportunity.

As soon as The Captain opened his mouth to take the advantage the Stranger interrupted him with a hand gesture and this stern phrase: “I bet you’re wondering why I would reveal such a vital piece of information at this juncture, but I promise I will explain that in its own time, before the parley has concluded.”

This very careful selection of words floored the Captain, who simply gestured for him to continue with his clearly laid out approach.

“I would continue, but to do so with my own words would be foolish.  The Spirit has imbued me with words galore, and I have recently been joined by 1,000 or more of the ‘Prodigal Son’s of Heaven and Hell’ to help me present them.  I believe we are ready, when you are, my good Captain?”

The Captain was revealed to be who he really was, and these newest angels compiled the wish flawlessly, such that there wasn’t a dry eye or hard heart in the room.  The wish was complex yet simple to understand.  It was solid throughout, except for a triple negative lynch pin for which the man and his bride would be the only two who knew the details, and could exercise it at will to implement change if they both agreed entirely on what change to make.  By the time the Captain saw the need to interject anything, it was simply to agree with full comprehension and an excitement for the future, for the first time in a while.

The Stranger warned him (probably a bit in excess at this point, since a parley of that kind puts everyone on the same page for some time) that something ‘crazy’ always happens to his bride on nights like these, but it’s always temporary.  After picking her up from an apparent fainting spell, and losing an unknown crewman or possible stowaway to the storm, she arose and began her portion of the wish.

“I should have warned you, she puts my talents in this area to shame.  Like a magician in the shadow of An Artist.  We’ll likely be here a while, it’s unlikely you’ll notice or mind.”

By the next day, she had finished tying the knot, and the world was perfect.


~ by songoflove on February 21, 2017.

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