Prisons of Beast and Men.

Minotaur’s Prison
Physical or of the Mind?
Where is the Labyrinth?

Don’t answer too quick
Minotaur turns Juggernaut
Breaks down any wall

‘Where is my prison?
Who claims to be my jailer?’
Only one survives.

Her methods are strange
She shows up as a linguist
All night, cunning speech

No strength left to stand
When the Beast bellows awake
You will fall like grass

Reality’s Stage
‘Twas never yours, but the Beast’s
Train? Cage? Threaten? Die.

An irrevocable loss
One moment too late.

And then just in time
She sits by my side once more
Whispering sweetness.


~ by songoflove on February 18, 2017.

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