Language of the Heart

The Language of the Heart
Is both common and uncommon
It is both rare and shared

Care to hear it?
First, think about the sacrifices
We all must make to speak
And to be heard

We hold back when we feel like screaming
We smile when every little bit wants to cry

All so the one next to us will be forced to do the same
Are they forcing us into this box, or are we, they?

The truth is we all wonder this at some point or another
Well, anyone I know has.

I know because I hear it, bellowing up from the Earth as we sleep
My dreams form from the very notes of this terrestrial organ

From the look in your eyes pleading for me to stay
For the echoes of all the times that I turned away

A shared symphony of human pain
The Language of the Heart we all can’t help but speak in sometimes

but in the hands of a musician skilled enough
perhaps a concert of beautiful dreams, once more.


~ by songoflove on February 18, 2017.

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