The King of Dreams (a story outline)

Here’s a new idea for a story, with bit of a mythological feel to it: What if the King of Dreams wanted to experience his creation from the perspective of the dreamer?  He ran the numbers, seemed totally safe, so he jumped in. He did not realize how *real* everything was within the dream though, and he could not tear himself away. Eventually he comes to find that the dream only gained the texture he was experiencing when he joined in, up until that point it had been hollow and largely empty. No one wanted him to go, for fear of returning to that state- a state where they weren’t even certain they’d remember this one or that one, and a fear only realized once it could not be undone. So the dream lingers, the subjects trying everything to keep the king from going, and the king unwilling to leave the dream, and his subjects to what he now knows would be their fate. As such the dream continues, and will continue, until someone comes up with a preferable option… or until the King awakens, all on his own.


~ by songoflove on January 25, 2017.

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