I wish.

Home is where the heart is.

Can this be in reference to someone, as opposed to a place or building or something like it?

Shoot, if at the end of all this I got to wish for one thing, she seems like the only wish I couldn’t mess up, you know?  Too often you hear tale of a nefarious genie or something bent on twisting any wish you make in such a way as to destroy the wisher, no matter how well worded.   Well, if I simply wished for her as my wife, should she have me, until such time we both agreed to cease the arrangement… it seems like you take the risk of the wish away from the granter and place it squarely in the hands of the wishee at that point, no?

Even as a nefarious genie, wouldn’t you kind of just want to see how it turned out, even if you were secretly wishing for a failed connection?  Especially when you realize that this fool seems to be so deadset on his wish that no amount of counter-wishenanigans will dissuade him, so your choices are basically grant the ridiculous request (keep in mind, he is explicitly asking for an opportunity to be accepted or denied directly, no charm magic or mind control or anything of the sort to cause a genie to toss and turn at night) or spend eternity not granting it.  Either way, getting the wish granter to agree to the contingent nature of the granting of the wish is a key component to these wishenanigans, for it requires that the entire wish be on the table, prior to anyone agreeing to anything, and for the third party, neither the wisher nor the granter, in this case the wife, to be the one to actually set in motion the wish transaction.  Should wishes be real, this seems like an excellent insulating device, for all parties concerned, to allow for the enacting of a good faith wish, and for all parties to heed their better angels on all matters directly related to the wish.

So if at the end of it all, if everyone got one wish, one thing they got to control in the next life, heaven, hell, what have you, I’d like my answer to be, “I wished for her.” have you one up me with “actually I wished for you.” And then have us both simultaneously realize that we are still one wish short, after applying some new fangled math to it all (I have a few friends who likely will have wished for this domain), and laugh like kids in a candy store trying to figure else what else in the world we could possibly still want.


~ by songoflove on January 21, 2017.

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