Siren Song

So you think you can resist the Siren Song?

Many stand to stake a claim, in hopes of survival
A fool’s hope is all that remains, surely all we ever had
For where the masses once stood, one remains atop the hill
Not a king, but a lowly musician, a drummer

To overcome the Siren’s Song is not in the stance or strength.
To hold one’s ground is true folly, recall that there are many ways to fall
When confronted by a force of nature

And believe me, a word on the wind has no less power than the winds themselves
Or the waves that will overtake us all
The earth itself cannot envelope entirely
The fire this song’s one verse could spark

I know this much to be true, for I have been twice set ablaze
and once left smoldering for years seeming centuries

All I know now is that I still stand
On the smallest yet subjectively seeming the most conspicuous of hills
Drumming away, in hopes of finishing a fool’s errand

My feet begin to tap, and I remember the secret to the Siren’s Song
Suddenly shifting, no longer a deadly tune luring sailors to their demise
The song itself was looking for, even needed, a dance partner
the dancer needed a new beat to remember the steps

Once heard, it could not be undone
But when faced with win or lose, do or die
Only the fool begins to dance.


~ by songoflove on January 16, 2017.

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