Fighting Dragons- A How To Guide

We finally did it.  We finally bested a true dragon, one of the quintessential challenges in D&D.  The hardest part about dragons is that they are virtually impossible to play correctly, as they are smarter than any human, and their resources run deep- most dragon fights should end before they start, a cheap shot from the ether, with plenty of new party gold to add to the stash.  But, recently a unique set of circumstances, and a clever plan, resulted in us winning.  This got me thinking…

Dragons are some of the most difficult enemies in D&D, but in real life we’d be lucky to have such an obvious foe.  Often struggles come in the form of monthly bills, position in a social group, struggles at work or with self-image, leading to stress, worry, and fear.

But what if these things were instead dragons?  At least then you’d have something to tilt at!  I realized that one of the deep powers of the human brain is to reshape this to that, to use analogies to connect previously disconnected pieces into a coherent pattern.  The stress of your job becomes a breath of fire, the systems that never work become the claws, the promotion becomes that one scale missing on the dragon’s chest.  The Dragon of Your Job takes shape, and in this way, anything in life can be reframed into a dragon.

I believe we already do this in dreams, for better or worse.  We give our concerns corporeal form, which we then subdue with a variety of super powers, or get chased and terrified by until finally waking up.  The issue seems to be that without knowing we’re doing this, we often go into this fight scared and unarmed, so the latter is the more common outcome by far.

In this context of reframing, however, the key lies in arming ourselves appropriately.  Our waking lives are filled with problems and pieces of solutions.  These pieces can be gathered consciously or subconsciously over the course of the day, to be forged into the perfect weapon in dreams.  Have you ever woken up with an epiphany, the perfect solution like a finely crafted bow, now fully formed in your mind’s eye?  You take this weapon into the world and slay The Dragon known as Your Monthly Budget, one more battle won.  A complex problem demands a complex solution, but I believe we as humans have been gifted with this skill.

Not only has this been an exceptionally effective tool for me (I’ve done it all my life, without fully realizing it, and without reframing it into this specific concept until recently), but it makes life more fun!  In Don Quixote-esque fashion, your days become quests, searching for materials.  If The Dragon’s name is Catching Your Lover’s Eye, for example, your mind keys itself into finding all the right times, places, and things to forge cupid’s arrow.  The right flowers, with the right words, the right book, the right piece of jewelry, you find all of them in your environment, as if mysteriously presented.  The secret is they were there the whole time, amidst the rubble, but now you see The Dragon, and so you now know what to gather.

Armed in this way, we cannot fail.  Good luck, and Godspeed.



~ by songoflove on October 7, 2016.

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