To govern the day and night: a dream about two women.

A dream has recently been on my mind, one from over a decade ago.  In this dream there are two women, now both known to me, but who were unknown at the time of the dream. The first I see everywhere, the second knows me more intimately than anyone else. With the former I had everything, the latter provided the only thing I needed- new life. The first part of my dream ended in my death, and the second started with my rebirth. I loved the first, I loved the second.

As a monogamous type of guy, this is deeply confusing. Why see two equally beautifully, and to this day unrivaled, partners simultaneously? Why etch this dichotomous groove in my mind, where one women shines so brightly, perfectly even, and the other has left an indelible mark on my heart?

It creates three (viable) possible outcomes: end up with the first, end up with the second, find a woman who somehow encompasses both this brightness and depth at once. Since the first two have about a one in a million chance in occurring and the last more like a million squared, there was a time when this internal tension caused me despair.

Now I am hopeful though, as I believe in a God who would not present such a maddening puzzle, without a solution. As I dwell on this thought, life is better. Energy abounds, music is beautiful, even food tastes better. And Love is everywhere.


~ by songoflove on September 29, 2016.

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