The Right Words

You’re open wide
I feel your soul press soft and firmly into mine
It’s my turn to speak
And for once the right words come to mind
But I bite my tongue
And you leave, disappointed and bewildered
You felt them too- pressing, waiting to draw you in completely
but you do not know the whole story

The right words
At the wrong time
My kind has been using them for our own ends
For as long as anyone can remember

And maybe in a sense you like hearing them
Because it gives you a chance to feel that closeness
And pass the blame in the morning
But knowing what I know now
I will never again use
The right words, at the wrong time

 I see halves of souls
Wandering this world, listening intently
And every time they hear those sweet words they engage completely
But they’re rarely true
And they deafen us so
If we spent more time in silence, we’d all find true love tomorrow
But for some reason we all keep loving… 

The right words
At the wrong time
So please understand as I take my leave
that this has nothing to do with you
And everything to do with finding Her

We both know it’s not right
But I could easily pretend it’s so
With the right words

 This gentle illusion will fade again
And one day our hearts may never recover
From the wrong time


~ by songoflove on October 16, 2011.

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