Mold me

Mold me please
For I’ve tried and failed to mold myself
I am so flawed that I will soon implode
On all the potential I’ve thrown away

But you hold the key in your hand
Your image of me in your eyes
Is more real than anything
I’d let myself feel on my own

I have been so unmovable
And so proud of that for o so long
But in comedic contrast
you draw me to attention
With just the glimmer of a look
Or the hint of a smile

I promise
That I am better than you imagine
I will banish all your demons
And the thoughts that plague your dreams
With one single kiss
And I swear
I can heal the world with one gesture
Just to impress you
But I have to know it will work first

I cannot be
This man I should become
Or this prince that you have pictured
Since your days out in the playgrounds
Until you believe
That miracles can happen
And heaven can really be found on earth

I know it’s hard, but soon it will be that or nothing
So princess, please take my hand and face the world with me
My soul lays out before you
Like red carpet to be walked on
And one man to save and call your own


~ by songoflove on October 16, 2011.

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