Puzzling question

Question of the day: Is it possible to make a complete puzzle with no edge pieces?

Imagine your life as a scattering of pieces, an eager puzzle ready to be assembled.  As I have gone through the process of assembling my puzzle over the years, two things became evident:

  1. There are some pieces you are better off without, remove them.
  2. There are no edge pieces.

I’ve noticed any endeavor that seemed to be complete becomes more and more complex and incomplete as you build on to it.  As new pieces connect, the process is fulfilling, but I in any endeavor I realize the “goal” was an illusion (some people describe this as enjoying the journey).  Eventually most of us come to a place where our puzzle, in its own right, seems empty.  We seek out another to complete us.

Love is an amazing and funny thing.  Using this analogy, we see another whose puzzle seems to line up so well with ours.  Perhaps by removing a few pieces, and adding some others, we find a real connection in so many places, and for a time it feels like everything is falling into place.  The issue is, neither puzzle is complete; you simply have two incomplete puzzles joined together.  It has been my experience that after a time that persistent subconscious nagging to seek perfection either stagnates the union, or pulls it apart.

So, to the question, can you ever complete this puzzle.  I think our instinct to love is correct.  I believe I have a perfect partner out there, maybe we’ve already met.  The issue is, a two dimensional puzzle with no edges cannot be complete.

I believe that in this analogy, God provides the answer: the intuition to bend and mold ourselves in a way we never thought possible.  Through this divine wisdom, we find ourselves connecting in ways we never thought possible, as every piece becomes an edge piece.  In the end, you find yourselves forming a perfect sphere, and a perfect union, with your perfect partner.  Both becoming more than either thought possible.


~ by songoflove on September 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Puzzling question”

  1. Still writing with a heartbreaking depth of sadness.

    • Honestly I meant this one to be uplifting. Sure, we must remain ever vigilant to a goal of perfection in partnership, but the goal is attainable! Certainly many of us dwell in sadness, but knowing that there is hope for more is a promising, and for me previously unknown, idea.

  2. “perfection in partnership” implies a perfect relationship which can’t exist. The love we are capable of is always conditional. The love God has for us is the only true “perfection” we can experience.

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