On science and religion

Science in relation to religion is something I’ve often thought about.  Personally I feel they are not inherently complimentary or in natural opposition.  I see science as a way of seeking understanding of the universe around and within us- an understanding that is largely based on facts.  Religion (or spirituality) is typically a set of beliefs we hold on the forces in the universe (and hypothetically outside of that domain) that largely cannot be based in fact and requires a leap of faith to draw a final conclusion.

The issue many scientists are confronted with is that there comes a point where facts end and the known or comfortable reaches its boundary.  To the best of my knowledge, physicists have reached this boundary line in places such as: less than a millisecond after the big bang, at the tiniest distances possible in our universe*, within black holes, the complexity of the brain, etc.  At this point, a leap of faith is required to progress.  One can either determine that the path of science that brought them this far must continue to hold true beyond their current boundary and that there can be no unknowable truth, or take a spiritual leap of faith that places the area beyond their knowledge in the realm of God or the unknowable.  Either way, faith is required.  As far as I can tell- there is no fact inherently true enough to force someone to believe something.  As such, belief is a choice, regardless of circumstance.  (Believe me, there are times that this realization stings.  There are times when I want nothing more than to externalize my choices as products of my environment, but on some level I know I am lying to myself).

*On a side note, certain things that baffle scientists presently- such as quantum entanglement where objects are intimately connected over any distance, ignoring time/information restraints, paint such an elegant picture.  In my humble opinion, such intertwining grace, woven into the deepest fabrics of our universe (an interconnectedness that has been spoken of by many religions millennia before it was “discovered” by science) definitively speaks to a Creator and higher consciousness.


~ by songoflove on July 22, 2010.

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