To My Dream Girl- Brought to Life

I waste away in a dream gone cold.  That dream where you’ve realized it’s a dream, but it just won’t end.  I know you’re right there, engrossed in the show.  I feel like we haven’t talked in ages.  The only way I know you’re there is through tiny puzzle pieces you scatter about, with pictures and phrases seeming to tell a story.  As this is all I have of you, I compulsively piece them together.  The story is a dark one I want nothing to do with, shadowed by the perceptions this dream has enforced.  It speaks of a true bond denied, and false ones holding us apart.  Despite my best efforts, I cannot help but cling to the charade of the way we once knew each other, so I crawl around in the dark, looking for any accursed piece I can find and fitting it in as best I can.

Oh how I long to return to that night, the one where we lay close as skin talking of things to come and moments shared.  Oh how I long, with every piece laid flat, to dash this puzzle to bits and never speak of it again- flip the entire table of glass and shattering the foundation with a crash.  I would certainly lose everything, but perhaps that is exactly what is needed to wake you from your stupor.  Until then I sit stewing- gathering the strength and desperation to press this dream to the seams one more time.


~ by songoflove on June 15, 2010.

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