The Kiss

I make it through life, as if a dream.  There are moments where I cannot tell the difference, and they are becoming more frequent.  I survive the daily grind, certain the must be more, certain I once did much more but have now forgotten the means and reasons.

Like a spark you return to my minds eye, and unfamiliar memories overcome me in the most pleasurable ways.  As I stare into your truth, I notice all the lies around me.  I remember decaying into the illusion of what I once was, and find myself trapped.  I reach out, and you take my hand.  You pull me close, but not out of my nightmare now made somewhat bearable with your presence.

You journey with me for a moment, subjecting yourself to my madness until it threatens to consume you too.  You point out the fallacy of this world.  I agree, but know of no way out.

You pull me close and save me with a kiss.  My pain melts away, as does the accursed world.  I realize my addictions were all wrapped up in the illusion, and I want none of them.  I remember being here before, and wonder why I returned to solitude.  We continue in closeness for a moment more, and I understand that it was you I wanted all along.  This moment, the kiss that reconciles us, is all that I’ve always craved.

I pull away, dazed for a moment by the realization that without the pain that bound me, there can be no kiss.  I stare into your confused eyes, and in this moment I cannot resist you.  You come at me again, and I do not resist.

With the kiss, I awake.


~ by songoflove on June 9, 2010.

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  1. another sad love story? : (

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