The Soul’s Painting

Why would an immortal soul subject themselves to a mortal life?
Mortality is a function of time, or the 4th dimension.
Essentially at one point in this dimension, we start. 
In another, we stop.
Birth and death can be described as such
Outlining our path in this dimension

 What if, upon exiting this straight line in dimension 4
Our soul wakes up from this dream
A 5 dimensional soul would view a 4 dimensional life
Much like we would view a flat space
Just like a picture, all points in time would be revealed simultaneously
Just like a CT scan, this would allow a minimally thin cross section
And tell us much about ourselves

 Time has been proven an illusion
Forward, backward, is all the same in the universal rule
But we perceive a steady flow
Almost as if on some level we know this rule would serve to paint our picture
In the purest form possible

 So we endure
Halting 5th dimensional progress
Until this line in the 4th dimension is complete
Painting this picture with the tools we limited ourselves to
For a reason we will never understand in this lifetime

 What will your picture look like?
When your soul awakens, it knows perfection
How close will this picture be to the Immortal?
The choice is yours.


~ by songoflove on May 27, 2009.

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