One person choosing to make a difference never does so in a vacuum.

The inspirational story of one person standing and resisting the darkness shrouding our world has the power to spur all, and will necessarily spur some.

Even the strongest evil squelching such a light can never fully do so.  Pieces endure.  The light will be re-discovered in our darkest hour.  It will engulf the hearts of all who see it, and spark hope where none existed.

Even when undocumented and alone, an act of Grace and Love still leaves an imprint.
What we do echoes in eternity, and it echoes here on earth.
One good deed sends ripples through all of our energy.
And pulls us all toward its source.

Lord, let me Love for Love’s sake, not so that others may see it.
Keep my heart pure.
Give me opportunities to spread your light through word and deed.



~ by songoflove on May 24, 2009.

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  1. beautiful

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