The Light and the Love

On that day you will be stripped bare
And now seeing your former armor laid at your feet
They will ask:
“Dearest!  How did you ever shine hidden beneath such armor
And behind such fortification??”
Hardly before finishing their question, they will smile and laugh
Their answer, coming in the form of purest Light, not words
Illuminating the world’s darkest corner
And alleviating the deepest fears of all who choose to see it 

The answer was simply that you did not shine before this day. 
In a world so dark, you shone an unrivaled light
But now that Love has awakened your spark
Love has uncovered and amplified your true Light
To a level bordering on the incomprehensible
As Love often does 

But this time it is different
Gazing upon the Light
No storyteller can recall such perfection
No historian finds your rival at any time, by any measure
And as this is often when Love whisks his Light away
So some write, some recite words, others sing
But all seek to remember this fleeting moment in their own way before it is gone 

But this time it is different
After Love’s embrace
He shows you that no armor is needed in his presence
He lifts you to his shoulders, and asks you to keep on shining
And he walks the same path you had been walking moments before 

For his Love has finally learned to share her Light.
And from her Love’s perch, his Light shines perfectly.


~ by songoflove on May 2, 2009.

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