All day I have discussed purpose.
All night I dream of destiny. 

Today I walk and ponder each step
Each I have taken in life, I know to be self directed
That is a blessing, even when pondering my worst days
Because tomorrow, I will take another step
And I will know it is my own. 

My quest takes me down the ancient hallowed halls of Thespians
I am glad for the path
I was born to be many
Now I can do so without guilt or shame 

Tomorrow, like today, she will continue to come into focus
And I will continue to fixate on her
Like an avalanche, my emotion sets my soul to task
And my body, first compelled, now manifests its own matching desire
Never before has the world seen my will focused
But never before has the world offered something I want.

I come, Love.  Inspired.  Indomitable.


~ by songoflove on May 2, 2009.

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