Heavenly Chorus

I commune with my Lord. I feel the Holy Spirit’s presence closer than skin. I am filled. I can sense others noticing this, as they are drawn to me, but they do not know why. I smile at them, and my Lord smiles with me. My senses are suddenly drawn to a song, heavenly in nature. I remember this place somehow, although I know I have never ventured there in this lifetime, or in earthly dream. My soul gathers to this familiar realm, where a chorus sings. Moments ago I heard their song. I now feel it, as each sense meets at its source. My resonance with this divine song approaches the perfection from whence it came. They sing in no language, but my heart gladdens at the song. I know it is my song. Even now they sing with such great force and joy, as we reach a long awaited verse. Now is the time when I start what will be an ever quickening journey back to my Lord. Their message is one that transcends time, with strands flowing backward, forward, and in directions I can only fathom in this place, but everything is coalescing into this moment. A great calm and a sense of purpose overtake me. I can simultaneously sense past and future events; paths not taken and goals materialized; all in this resounding chorus. It has always been here, and will continue for all time. The song is eternal beauty and Love, and I shed a tear for all the moments I have not been able to hear it. My senses diverge once more, and I return to my seat, joyful for the majesty I have seen, and thankful to remember that this life is a Song of Love: nothing more, nothing less.


~ by songoflove on May 2, 2009.

One Response to “Heavenly Chorus”

  1. Completely mesmerizing

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