Grandma’s House

I saw my grandmother’s house in a dream.  But it was an expanded and exaggerated version of her real house.  It was exactly the same though, filled to the brim with things!  Amazing things, trash and treasure alike.  Even in real life there are rooms which have been stuffed to the brim with things, and the entrance later locked, hidden, and then fully covered over with more things.  What mysteries this house holds, real and imaginary!!!

So I dreamt of it.  I have had multiple dreams in this house, and each time it is shaped differently.  This time it had 4 stories to it, with a huge open center, and rooms lining each floor along all four edges of an internal walkway.  As I began to clear certain rooms, I saw bedrooms there, with enough supplies and rooms for myself and all my searching companions.  Some bedrooms were less sturdy than others, precariously built overlooking cliffs, and with questionable engineering, but each was good if used properly.  My friend and I found one that suited us well.  It was a glass room with pullout glass bunk beds, I can’t recall if it was on the 3rd or 4th floor, but I do remember it had a wonderful view of snow covered pines on a mountain leading up a bank to it through its glass floor.  We stayed in it for an unknown amount of time, getting away from the hubbub of the search. 

Along the way I found my grandfather’s boots, the ones he wore as the Man of La Mancha.  (Keep in mind, this is not her husband, she is my mother’s mother, he my father’s father).  They were leather twined together like no earthly boots.  They walked the line between rugged and feminine; ancient, but very applicable in a modern sense.  They were my boots, so I wore them proudly. 

Many of my friends were in search with me, and they all found magical things if magic was what they were looking for.  I remember swinging from one balcony to another remarking mentally to one guest who had found nothing: “Come expecting to be disappointed, and I guarantee you will not be let down!”  …I don’t think they thought that was very funny. 😛


~ by songoflove on May 2, 2009.

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