Your Knight

How could one not become a knight in shining armor when presented with such a pristine princess.  I cannot picture her equal in this time or any.

She is the belle of the ball.  The same ball we all dance in, she flows as effortlessly as the breeze.

We are her mirror.  She is deserving of praise and adoration, we praise and adore her, she is grateful and she shines even brighter for our dreaming eyes.

So, my lady, choose this knight’s event. 

The Pen

The Sword

The Ball

My direction is your choosing.

Or shall I simply fly to your window, whisper words that caress your soul, and we both steal away into the night?  It seems a quicker method, if our goal is the same.

But I guess that is the question.


~ by songoflove on May 1, 2009.

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