Summer Olympics- 2012

It was the summer of 2012, and time for the Olympic games.  A last minute catastrophe, unfortunately becoming more and more frequent in these tumultuous times, caused what was subsequently known as the final Olympics to move back to its birthplace in Greece.   The Change occurred in the hundred meter dash, which was a bit of a spectacle before it even began.  Amongst the famous and chiseled favorites, including true veterans of the sport who had seen the Beijing games, and the hungry newcomers clearly worthy of their spots on the track of legends, was one odd man out.  Will Jones from Peru.  In this case, “odd man,” was more of a popular turn of phrase, than an accurate assessment of this pale, skinny 14 year old boy.

His origins baffled the crowd.  Hardly Peruvian in name or appearance, he had apparently entered the training camp from the surrounding jungle with hardly a memory to his name.  They had given him shelter and he assisted in the daily set up and cleaning of the grounds, but no one had expected him here today.

Some thought it was a publicity stunt, others thought he may have gained the heart of the Peruvian shaman who used his leverage to get the boy into the games.  They were all correct to a degree, but no one could fathom the complexity of the truth.  They soon would.

Even the runners were thrown off, a few were even miffed.  One particularly hot headed favorite who shall remain anonymous actually refused to take part in what would assuredly become a mockery of his beloved event, and walked off the track.  Much like the spectators, he and the runners that did compete that day could not fathom the depth of The Change they were about to witness.

Ready to begin, and the runners took their marks.  Will stood there, looking confused and helpless to the tradition of the race.  They stood again, and a judge came out to quickly explain the process to the young man, speaking loudly over the jeering which had erupted from the crowd.  No one could find a hard and fast ruling that required a formal track start to be taken, however, so the boy’s block was removed.  He looked quite sheepish as he placed one foot in front of the other behind the starting line.

The gun sounded.  The runners surged to life, their muscles flexing to the height of human ability, truly powerhouses of flesh.  Will was initially startled, having never heard such a blast.  The field quickly left him behind, as all had expected. 

The crowd barely had time to exhale a solitary guffaw before The Change occurred.  Will began skipping along the track toward the finish line.  His body began to flicker in and out of existence as each foot landed.  Each step seemed to slide him between the layers of space, which had been so tightly woven for every spectator and runner present, indeed assumed to be so tightly woven for the whole of the existence, until now.  Hardly had the crowd finished their initial mocking utterance before he had joyfully crossed the line in a matter of but a few light steps, humming to himself.  Some who saw were panicked, others were overjoyed, still others died of shock on the spot.  The bewildered boy was rushed off the track as the rest of the field finished, mouths agape.  A hush had overcome the stadium, many realities were broken that day.

In the end, the Olympic officials decided not to count Will’s time, assuming he must have cheated in some way, and the second place finisher was awarded the gold with a strong showing, but now an altogether unremarkable time.  He refused to accept the medal, and his country’s national anthem played to a nervous and now thinning crowd, and to an empty podium.  The boy was never seen again.  Although the conspiracy that had bound us all for so long managed to successfully restrain mass media exposure, too many had seen the feat.  The Internet soon buzzed with word of what was seen, and this story was soon joined by many others, of children breaking various laws- not of the state, but of the known universe.  By the end of the year, it was undeniable: The Change had occurred.


~ by songoflove on May 1, 2009.

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