Everything cries out for a love story- Spiny Pursuit

One of the most plentiful creatures on earth

Is one that virtually no one has heard of

Echinoderms: mostly sea cucumbers, brittle stars and the like

They are mostly see-through spiny creatures vacuuming up particles on the ocean floor


Despite being so numerous, their biggest challenge is finding a mate

To understand, imagine for a moment that you are playing Marco Polo

… except you can’t speak

… and your friends can’t hear

Effectively you cannot communicate outside of just a few inches from you

Oh, and your swimming pool is well over twice the size of the land mass on earth.


So you can see where the problem comes in.


Now what if, in this lonely, bottom feeding life

You see a spark.

Some dynamic creature in your species has figured out a way

To communicate vast distances instantaneously!

And is calling out for a mate worthy of this destiny


Do you pursue?

Even if the pursuit could take you your entire life?

And you might never make it?

Even if countless others saw that same beacon? 

Many of which were probably closer than you were?

The answer is obvious, right?


I pursue.

Because I know the answer was obvious to the multitude as well

Making my choice as clear as my strangely translucent body.

Because now there are no others

They all gave up

There are no obstacles

 I’m on the relatively featureless ocean floor for goodness sake!

And journeying my entire life would be significantly less painful

Than the thought that I might have made it

Had I just tried.

So I pursue.


~ by songoflove on April 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “Everything cries out for a love story- Spiny Pursuit”

  1. I’ve read this a couple of times and find it amazing. Why aren’t people leaving comments for these? Are they not being seen or read? By the way, your answer is obvious but seldom carried out to a “winning” conclusion as most people (or Echinoderms maybe) won’t follow through to the end.

    • Hey dad thanks for the comment. It looks like just a few people are popping by the site periodically right now; I’ll probably remind people it’s here once I start posting things again.

      In this post, the answer seems obvious, but is rarely if ever seriously sought or achieved. This leads me to believe that the answer may not be obvious, or at least not certain. If we knew for certain that by pushing ourselves to the limit we would achieve pure bliss, I think many more would pursue. When motivation wanes, it is difficult to continue after a goal that you are not convinced you can achieve. I still face this doubt at times, and I fully remember feeling its sting every day. That’s a main reason why I write: to remind myself that such a pursuit will be worth any hardship. I truly believe that God intends for us to achieve such noble dreams, so our success is never in question, as long as we make the decision to pursue.

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