Purpose: Reflections of Eve

One man’s quest to gain a deeper understanding of woman

I asked many of the women in my life to provide me with a topic they would like me to write about.  These entries are based on a three step process I use when seeking to truly communicate with anyone.


  1. Ask with an open heart
  2. Listen seeking to understand
  3. Respond from your heart.

She can sense when you are earnestly asking her opinion or honestly seeking to learn about her.  Too often we ask for our own ends, and in the end serve no one’s.  Consider why you ask, before you do it.


She can also sense when you are listening with the intent to understand.  Too often we are just waiting for a chance to speak, usually to promote ourselves in order to impress.  She is always more impressed by a man who can listen intently.


The best way to demonstrate you understand and appreciate her is to respond in a way that speaks straight to her heart, straight from yours.  If your intentions are true, I assure you, you will know what to say when the time comes.  No research will speak to her heart, as each conversation is unique.  Just speak honestly, and let your intention shine more brightly than your words.


Every woman in your life is a blessing, treat her as such.  To disrespect any of them, is disrespect your Eve.  In a sense, every time you visit your grandmother, you visit your Eve.  Every time you tell your mother you love her, you say the same to your Eve.  Every time you speak with a girl friend, you are having a conversation with your Eve.


~ by songoflove on April 22, 2009.

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