Ode to a Queen

You are a queen in so many ways.

You are the perfect example of caring love

I know you will pick us up, at any hour of the night

Yet you have such a well balanced sense of freedom

On the ride home, you won’t pry a bit


I still remember the countless calls I made that day

Desperate for a ride, crippled for a time

I felt like you were there before I hung up the phone

With ice cream no less!

All this, and I’m not even heir to the throne

Believe me, I will never forget the things you have done for me.


A queen describes you well

Because you truly run the castle while your king is away

I can’t imagine he is ever worried about his home while he is off visiting foreign lands

You have such a composure in everything you do


And don’t ever let anyone convince you

That a periodic test of your king’s love

Is inappropriate

Dare I say, although unfortunate, sometimes such a strike

Is the only way to wake man from the stupor this world puts us in

And that night he will lie awake, wondering what he would ever do without his queen

And be far better for the thought.


~ by songoflove on April 22, 2009.

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