All Walls Asunder

In this dream there were walls.  I had never wondered why until that moment, but I realized that the dream didn’t create the walls, it just showed me they had been there all along. 


I knew there were many, countless even.  Why?  Any single wall was impenetrable by any physical force.  And one could not use any physical perception to gather information on anything outside of them.


Then I felt it: your song.  Where did it come from?  I feel it emanating straight from my heart.  A joyous pulse, yet painful.  It reminds me that I am missing something, and have been for some time.  I could not see you, and I could not hear you; you do not share my cell.  How then do I feel your song?  Soon I know exactly where you are in this heavily fortified arena.  And soon I know exactly how to find you.


I once again question why there are so many walls.  As your song continues deep within me, my strength of will swells beyond these physical dimensions.  They must have known that once I knew you, no number of walls would provide any more protection or distance than none at all.  Or did they ever see this coming?


I spread my wings, forgotten for so long, the first cell shatters to dust.  An alarm?  Fools!  This will be over in the space between heartbeats.  I flex them, as more crumble before me.  My path is clear, I cover the distance in a moment within a moment.


You smile, in my arms now.  Your cell is different.  Instead of impenetrable armor, yours is covered in deadly weapons, all poised to strike at the first sign of aggression.  Unfortunately for them, they did not think your song could reach me.  Besides, the sound of it brightened their day, so why stop you?  Unfortunately for them, their weapons, like their perception, are based on the flow of time and the realm of the physical, which has no power in dreams. 


Suddenly there is a spray of bullets.  I now remember why there were no weapons in my cell, no perceivable resistance.  I cannot be beaten, only lulled to sleep, my senses stolen over time.  They must have learned long ago that any threat or aggression awakens me immediately, and is immediately disastrous for my foes.  My wings are impenetrable, and my will always guides them into position just in time.  We embrace, covered completely by wings that defy description.  The closest I have ever been able to put into words was that of angel’s wings now, and now like brilliant blue electricity flowing from me in the shape of wings.  Wild, yet controlled.  Primal. 


For a moment we rest, glad for the distance healed after all this time.  The external sounds like delicate raindrops on the wooden roof of a hidden rainforest escape.  Then I realize I cannot fly while shielded, I’ve only been vulnerable when I sought out greater heights.  About to speak, you stop me with a finger to my lips, and begin your song again.  I am unable to resist you, why would I even try?  Before I can think, I leap into the air, inspired and divinely empowered.  Their weapons fail, their illusionary power exposed as weakness all along by our leap of faith.  We burst through the ceiling, and into open air.


Listening to your song, I remember that I never could tell if you were the angel, or I.  I know how absurd this sounds coming from a man with wings, but still, I feel it is a more curious puzzle than anyone admits, and certainly up for debate.  Once again I spread them, and we begin the next stage of our escape. 


While the most difficult part is far from over, I cannot help but smile.  For me, being with you makes this feel more like an adventure than a fight for our lives.  You are quickly erasing all memory of the hell I have been trapped in for so long without you. 


Their guns are still trained on us, I do my best to dodge and deflect, but they are Legion, and it is like they are building ever more beyond each embankment we pass in the seconds it is taking for us to clear their range. 


We are both scared, nearly to the core, but I know somewhere within us we are still fearless.  Somehow, you begin singing again.  For a moment, you draw my attention away from all the danger we face.  Your voice pulls my attention to the countless times we have faced adversity together, and narrowly escaped.  With each word, you remind me of every night we’ve spent in each others arms, champions at last. 


Wait, I cannot lose focus now!  I snap back into reality, fearing the worst.  How long was I enthralled?  From the looks of it, fifteen seconds, it may as well have been an eternity.  But I feel no bullets sting, and you continue your song.  Then I realized, by focusing on the danger, I intensify it.  By using my own physical strength, I fight a losing battle.  Our enemy is the very master of this realm, ruler of the physical.  If we play by his rules, we have always been lost.  Fortunately for us, we are the rule-breakers.


I flip to my back, and continue floating along.  This startles you out of your trance for but a moment, but I hold you closer and close my eyes.  You know my thoughts.  You sing. We both drift of to sleep, once again serenaded by their raindrops, falling gently on our rooftop. 


~ by songoflove on April 22, 2009.

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