Dreams and reality

What have you done lately?  What do you want to do before you die?  Is it anything like what you have on your agenda for tomorrow?  Is it a resolution for the year, or did you sideline it because it was too critical, and from your vantage point you saw no possible path to success?  Have you put so much of your essence into one goal that the chance of failure is enough to deter you from the very thought of it?


The mind has a very difficult time defining dream from reality.  Often we find ourselves accepting a scenario as real because it is happening, and only recognize a scenario as a dream when it is over.  However, this is not always the case.


People assume life bears more weight than any dream because it is consistent over a long period of time, and includes the coming and going of many dreams.  It is the rule of time that strikes me as odd here.  I have felt days pass in a flash, and experienced moments I thought would never end.  Most commonly it is our emotion that dictates how time passes.  I have had a small handful of dream that seemed to last for years.  I understand this is a rare thing, but I also understand that most people have had dreams that seemed to last longer than the time we were asleep.  Reality and dream share this core principle: Time flexes in both, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. 


I have found that the emotion of a situation is far more important than the details or facts.  Emotions stick with us, in many senses they are truer, especially when it comes to human relationships.   It’s funny how the emotion of a dream tends to influence the dreamer in the waking world. 


I have also gotten the distinct sense that dreamscapes are shared places.  While I could write far more on my experience on that topic, the point is that this belief has lead me to be far more conscientious, both in dreams and out.  Though the strong similarities in time, emotion, and shared space, I have come to theorize that the gap between dream and reality may be far smaller than we think.  The bottom line is that dreams are a gift, a major clue into the deeper nature of reality.  Ignoring this piece of the puzzle is an all too common folly.


I believe it is the apparent finality of our existence here that keeps us from pursuing our noblest of goals, and our biggest of dreams.  I believe that when this dream ends, it will have been a nightmare for some, and a tedious “work dream” for most.  But for the select few that go out and dare to make their hopes a reality, it will be one of those beautiful dreams that will leave a lasting impression and a smile with the dreamer.  But regardless of the outcome, I believe that from the vantage point we emerge, it will have been a dream, although our definition on the subject will have hopefully expanded greatly.  Sweet dreams, everyone!  Merrily merrily merrily merrily…


~ by songoflove on April 17, 2009.

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