Everything cries out for a love story- In Your Eyes

I saw it at first glance, our past clearly reflected in your eyes

Your song pierced the darkness that I’ve felt lost in for so long

My friends all saw something different this time

Nothing stops something this strong


Because in your eyes I see my muse

My heart erupts in song and poem

I call every piece of existence to assist in courting you

Luck and fate may need to sit and watch this time


Because in my muse’s eyes I see my princess

Whom I once liberated from her tower

With a loyal band of adventurers by my side

 Neither dragons nor kings could stop us that eve


Because in my princess’s eyes, I saw my queen

Who no matter how strong or numerous our foes

Never left my side

The love you radiate makes failure impossible


In my queen’s eye, I saw my Eve

Before communication became so muddled with words

Only you and I

How I loved not knowing where you ended and I began


In my Eve’s eyes I saw the request

That now seems so foolish

To make two from one

Like children playing hide and seek for all time


And when I finally saw that childlike sparkle in your eyes

Like suddenly waking from sleep, and staring straight into a dream

I asked my friends to pinch me

When all the memories returned, I redoubled the chase


Because I can’t wait to once again be the only one in your eyes


~ by songoflove on April 13, 2009.

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