A request for the Queen

My queen, you have a princess unlike any other

A gem of unrivaled beauty, shining in the eye of the people

She is in a glorious tower of her own volition, to shine ever more brightly

But as she glows brighter, her tower builds higher

And the guards increase


The same guards that protect your love keep her from her love

It has gotten to the point where only royalty can enter the gate

With 100 ceremonial guards on white horses attending him

But my queen knows she does not want the 101 white horses

You and I have seen many such men leave empty handed

Verily I say her prince will never come through the front gate


There was a time where I began to give up hope

Of ever getting a chance to try for her hand

When one night in the garden, an angel appeared to me

She whispered: “The queen holds the key”

And I realized, while the guards keep all but the most suitable suitors at bay

By the world’s standards for a princess, that is

You stand vigilant at the back door

and keep her company every night

All you’ve ever wanted was to see her happy

To see her shine

You know love is all she’s ever wanted

And I can’t imagine that a true match, who catches your ear

Will not shortly catch the ear of your princess


My queen, this frog has been singing outside her tower everyday

Trying to catch her ear directly

But the fortifications increase, and I fear she cannot hear my song

If you find merit in this prince to be

Please share my words, and let her choose

Because I’m banking on one fact remaining true:

A fairy tale princess cannot resist a frog with potential J


~ by songoflove on April 13, 2009.

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