The Story Teller

And so we came aboard the pirate ships, apparent captives, but truly students.  I spoke with the captain, “My good man, do you see the new adventure that has been set upon the earth?  It is the end of days, a new birth.  What say you good captain?  Is a pirate all you’ve ever wished to be?”


“You speak of an eclipse as if it is more ominous than just that.  You’ll find me more learned than your average pirate my good sir, you cannot bewilder my senses with conjured tricks, my good man, even less so than with tricks you do not conjure.”


“I speak nothing of the eclipse.  Parley.”


The captain nods his head, half in exasperation at this persistent prisoner, but half in puzzlement at one so bold in such a powerless position.  A storm begins to brew as the two men go below deck.  Almost in unison they turn to the crew, “No one touches the girl while we are gone.”  Every man stands in awe, knowing something far more important than a kidnapping has occurred this day.  And every man but Frank heeds this omen with the power it deserves.


“No one touches the girl??  Or what?  Did the prisoner not speak of the end of days?  What manner of threat could hold any of us back now?  Look to these skies, we all saw the streak that lit up the sky during the eclipse, with light as sharp as if there were none at all!  We all heard a great noise, impossibly far away as though the Earth itself has been reformed from the sky!  It is only a matter of time before these events change our entire way of life.  Nay, before they end it!  I say if we’re to go out, we may as well enjoy ourselves, eh???”


As he made his way to the girl, and grabbed her roughly, instead of the hearty pirate cheer he expected in return, all Frank got were looks of shock, and awe. 


“Frank,” his brother Charlie implored “please don’t, not this time.  Something is different.”


At this moment, the prisoner and the captain emerged from below.  “Halt Frank, these are no prisoners of ours, they are a sacred gift.   Here to show us Love, just in time.”


“Love?!?  I am a pirate, undeserving of Love.  I will sit outside heaven’s gates knowing full well I have no place at the banquet.  I will mock those like myself, who dared enter ashamed of themselves, and were washed and cleaned.  I know I would too be accepted, but I refuse!  What price is that, what lesson learned??  I have lived a pirate’s lifestyle, I have taken love when I wanted it, and paid for it other times along with the rest of you.  I swear, it is never given freely, not in this lifetime, and if anything is to make any sense, not in the hereafter either.  So I do what I am allowed to do, what has been my choice all along.”


As he raises his dagger to pierce her heart, a dreadful calm overcomes the ship, and time slows for one last warning from the prisoner’s lips:


“You know the Spirit I am imbued with, you know He who I represent.  I am hard to waken, I am slow to anger.  I come bearing gifts of Life and Love, but you will soon awaken a wrath so strong, it will have been better you had never been born.”


“There is no punishment in this world or the next that you can threaten me with.  I, Frank, curse you, and leave my mark here.”


And with that, he plunged his dagger deep within her chest, and withdrew it to know his deed.  The crew fell to their knees weeping, saddened by the unnecessary loss.  The captain, stunned, fell against his door.  Frank stood in defiance of all.


The rain returned, to wash away the blood spilled here.


No one stopped the prisoner as he approached, fully awake, now remembering why mankind had not been saved so long ago.


“Frank, your words speak true, no punishment will befall you for this deed, for in fact no deed has been committed.  And no punishment would suit you, you have born them all in your mind for ages, so no punishment in this world or the next will befall you.  In fact, no one will ever know you’ve existed at all.  Not this woman you tried to harm, not your brother or crew who watched you do it, not your mother back home, and soon, not even I.  You Frank, stand in defiance of none, and in memory of none.  Your hate starts and ends with you, for you are the only one who will ever know anything of it.”


With that he lifted his bride, who had fainted from the apparent danger.  “Worry not, my Love, everything will be alright.”  He instructed the crew to bring her downstairs and to warm her up.  Everyone attended to her but Frank’s brother.


He stood there, staring at Frank, in bewilderment. 


“Charlie… you don’t believe all this nonsense, do you?” he began.


“How… how do you know my name?” Charlie replied.


Frank wept.  Turning, he threw himself into the sea, where he was swallowed whole by a great whale.


The prisoner left with the captain.  “What manner of thing is that, which we just saw?”


“I swear to you, stranger things will follow, for man has depended on his memory of things for far too long.  Now, in the next age, the removal of such ticking contrivances will prove how little of the story they have come to reveal.”


~ by songoflove on April 6, 2009.

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