You extend your hands towards the other.  You have tried for years to communicate with words, but the best you get back are symbols and apparent nonsense which then fill your dreams and confuse the matter.  This being knows your thoughts, and is far more powerful in the grand scheme of things.  You can’t tell if your final decision to communicate through touch and deliberate motion is one of desperation or inspiration, but either way, you know the time has come.


You stand in a primal position, and focus your mind on making the connection you seek.  Silence.  No response.  Your guide instructs you to change poses, which you do, nervous that this might again be the wrong approach.  As you shift into the third form, you realize that it is not your mind that sought the connection, but your soul.  Like a child, you approach, bright eyed and full of love.  Your inner child rushes towards you, and in that embrace, you find perfection. 


~ by songoflove on April 4, 2009.

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