Brothers, how do you sleep at night?

Do you rest well, knowing your brothers are vigilant and trustworthy

Or do you lie awake, one eye open for a thief in the night?


Do you fear their covetousness

And know it is so, because of your own?

Do you build alliances

For fear of the alliances they are building?

Do you pillage doubloons

And use them to protect the doubloons you have pillaged?


My brothers, I tell you we have come to the end of days.

Our sins laid out before us all

For all to compare and find equality in shame

On this boat, we travel together

Our doubloons will buy us nothing now

Our alliances will only lead to our demise

Our covetousness is exposed as having been empty all along


So now we have a choice, like we’ve always had

Fortunately the thief has come and gone

Taking with him our glittering distractions

We can embrace again as brothers, and sleep well tonight

Or fight for nothing, and sleep with the fishes.


Brothers, I speak truly.

On these open seas, all we’ve ever had is each other.


~ by songoflove on April 4, 2009.

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