Man and Woman

In this existence there is only us
Man and Woman
Woman and Man

Senses besides touch are there, but unnecessary

In this realm we are all powerful, for the presence of the other

Man can create anything
Overcome anything
Shape physical reality on a thought
But it has to be Her thought
Without His Woman’s touch, all the power in the world worthless

Woman can understand anything
Heal anything
Her power extends beyond this reality, reviving the soul from death
But it has to be His soul
For without Her Man’s embrace, She doesn’t care

In this place they are immortal
Why then do they leave?

So Man creates obstacles
So He can impress Her by overcoming them

So Woman creates fear
So He will come hold Her

So Man makes Her cry
So He can comfort Her

So Woman separates them
So She can heal their distance

So why would we leave to the pain of the external
Endure the hell of separation from the other when it was not necessary
Distract ourselves with the silliness of this non-sense of existence

So that in the end we can laugh together over the pleasure of reuniting
And know THIS is real


~ by songoflove on April 1, 2009.

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